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New methods for the interactive promotion
of cultural spaces

Doomanis, V., Hellenic Open University, 2011

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Academic Digital Repository of Hellenic Open University



The culture of a country, or of its people, constitutes one of its main characteristics. Its enhancement through cultural spaces can contribute to its perpetuation in the course of time. Nowadays we live in a technocratic society where all sectors of human reality are empowered by technological innovations.

This means that in the interactive, linear operation of the system "museum - exhibit - explanatory medium - visitor", the latter and especially those belonging to the younger generations, are taking in changes of their characteristics and their experiences; changes which occur also because of the use of technology. Cultural spaces conform to this social turn, adopt the technology and create a new trend in their explanatory tools.

This research focuses on the new technologies used today in museums, which aim to modernise their image or to create a new one, fully adapted to the daily habits of the contemporary man. In specific, this study examines the technology, the profile of the contemporary museum and the way these co-exist harmoniously, maintaining the principles that make the second an institution.

This is followed by the recording of the planning/design criteria of interactive multimedia applications and their theoretical parameters, which, when applied, a successful creation can be achieved.

Through social research, the relation of modern Greek to the technology and the museum is outlined,  as well as the degree of the use of technology within cultural spaces.

In the light of this research results, the need for an optimal design proposal of a new application emerges, based on the realistic data turn out and on the model of ideal design/planning, new technologies and media that exist today. This proposal is an attempt to combine all the above.

Based on the results of this study, one could conclude that "the new medium is the message", since the creation of a balanced and harmonious application of new technologies within the space of culture, is by itself a complex issue.

The first
museum guide app
in Greece - IOS5
4 different
navigation methods
  • Simple museum tour by floor

  • Locate the exhibit

  • Children scenario

  • Use of QR Code


promo material

anual Museum Agenda
printed on a real size iphone booklet

placed on a carton case

offering a pear of inear speakers

extra flyers included in the box

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